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airport security measures UKThe US has begun a series of new security measures this week, which will focus on the threat of hidden explosives.

Passengers and their devices will be given extra attention at airports across the US operating commercial flights into the country, which could spell security checks and interviews during the departure process.

Passengers planning to fly to the US have been advised to attend airports up to three hours before departure to allow for the additional security measures.

Earlier this year, the US government announced a temporary ban on electronic devices larger than a phone carried in cabin baggage from eight specified countries. This latest move is much wider, and follows fears that an attack by terrorists could be likely, using an explosive device concealed within an ordinary laptop or other electronic device.

Other Providers of Airport Physical Security Systems | Aviation Industry NewsPerth Airport has announced an expansion of their video surveillance system which will double its camera presence and allow them to meet regulatory requirements for security and surveillance across one of the largest Australian airports, handling more than 13 million passengers every year.

Over the next five years, Perth Airport hopes to complete a regeneration program that will see completion of a third runway, a hotel, additional car parking capacity and new domestic and international piers.

Using video surveillance is a large part of their airport security, one of the largest in Australia and the latest expansion will take their total to around 1,000 cameras, with further plans for an additional 300-400 cameras when the new terminal opens.

Their new system, installed by Aimetis Symphony and EMC Isilon, gives them real-time access and instant playback.

Leading Providers of Electronic Security Systems for Airports and FacilitiesPensacola International Airport has announced that it will be ramping up security at with a new electronic security system that is expected to cost $533,000.

The new high-tech system will include security cameras and a motion detection system with audible warning to alert airport security personnel if concourse areas are breached. The concourses will also be in need of upgrades to facilitate additional security measures for the airport.

It is estimated that an annual $120,000 will be saved by removing the need for constant monitoring of the sensitive areas of the airport.

Contracts have been tendered and discussions will begin this month to decide upon the best way forward with the best airport security systems providers.

Florida’s Department of Transportation will contribute $104,000 towards the technology portion of the project.