New Service Offers Assistance for Disabled Flight Passengers

EuTravel Project | Services for Disables TravellersThe EuTravel Project has been launched in a collaboration between Accomable and EuTravel, designed to provide additional assistance for disabled passengers on flights to and from EU countries.

Passengers with disabilities will be able to book the door-to-door service, covering the use of multiple forms of transport, such as flights, trains, ferries or buses, and find hotels and holiday rental accommodation to suit their disability.

In its infant stages, and operating a pilot program, the system is realising further challenges faced by people with all types of disability, and is placing its focus on accessibility.

Project Support Director, Yash Chadha said, ‘Accessibility is at the heart of the EuTravel Project. Our technology will make it easy for citizens of the EU and international visitors to travel across the single market, and to plan journeys which suit their individual needs. Key to this is ensuring the service is open to everyone, including disabled users and anyone with a mobility issue which is why we’re thrilled to have Accomable on board as consultants on accessibility.’

CEO of Accomable, Srin Madipalli said, ‘Our mission has always been to enable anyone to go anywhere, so we are delighted to be working with EuTravel Project to ensure disabled people worldwide can research and book accessible transport across the EU with ease. Our disabled customers are extremely aware of how difficult it is to plan accessible transport routes when travelling at home and abroad, as online information is often incorrect or out of date. Our role will be to consult EuTravel Project towards delivering a solution that contains full accessibility information you can trust.

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