New Horizons for Automated Border Control

More About Automated Border Management | Airport Security NewsWith issues of airport security rising significantly every day, operators, agencies and governments are turning to the latest technology to ensure critical security measures are maximised at airports all over the world.

With solutions for electronic identity and automated border control, travellers can feel as though they are protected, without adding time and hassle to their journey.

Recently, Keensight Capital invested in Vision-Box, a Lisbon-based automated border control provider, who produced a biometric solution to keep passengers moving through border security, including automated gates and identity management.

Rockwell Collins offers a range of automated border control solutions using eBorders technology with biometric benefits for both passengers and airports, maintaining high levels of security and integrating self-service applications.

As the world looks to the largest providers of automated border security solutions to keep security measures in place, passengers can also look forward to a streamlined and efficient passage through airports.

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