Aircraft Wing Part Could be From MH370

Aircraft Wing Part Could be From MH370Part of an aircraft wing that washed up on the shores of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean has been sent to a military testing facility in Toulouse, France this weekend.

The wreckage, believed to be part of a wing measuring approximately 8ft, will be analysed by aviation experts to confirm whether it is indeed a part of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that disappeared from radar contact last March, as many suspect.

An air safety investigator from Boeing has confirmed that the part has been identified as a flaperon from the edge of a Boeing 777 wing. It has also been confirmed that flight MH370 is the only Boeing 777 that is missing. Only three 777’s have crashed since 2013, according to an aviation security expert, one in the Ukraine and one in the U.S. The wreckage found last week indicates that the third is indeed in the Indian Ocean.

The inquiry will begin in France on Wednesday.

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