Software for Passenger Reservations Selected by Alitalia

Passenger Reservations and Aviation Messaging Solutions ProvidersItalian-based carrier, Alitalia has selected an SaaS platform as a part of its modernisation program to handle critical airline operations, including its passenger reservations system.

CEO of Alitalia, Silvano Cassano said, “We are reinventing Alitalia. In the coming years, we expect that you will see a healthy carrier with a fresh and exciting new brand. This is a significant, multi-year initiative and technology will be the cornerstone of our success.”

Alitalia, one of Europe’s largest carriers, have selected Sabre Corporation, U.S. based travel and tourism technology providers, to implement their new passenger reservations system.

Across the globe, the numbers of international travellers is increasing and airlines are seeking new ways to streamline the passenger reservations and processing system. With API requirements also increasing worldwide, it is becoming critical to ensure that reliable aviation messaging solutions are in place, not only for compliance, but also to ensure security.

Other leading solutions providers, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviNet, provide a robust system architecture to ensure that all mission critical messaging is delivered swiftly and reliably while maintaining seamless security on a global scale.

Many carriers also realise that a reliance upon the latest technology is clearly the way forward.

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