Brand New ARINCDirect Portfolio Showcase at MEBA by Rockwell Collins

Find Out More About ARINCDirect Flight Support ServicesFollowing its acquisition of ARINC Inc last year, Rockwell Collins have launched a new a re-branded portfolio for its business aviation arm, ARINCDirectSM. The new offerings will be showcased at the upcoming Middle East Business Aviation convention and exhibition (MEBA) this month.

The new ARINCDirectSM portfolio includes a suite of flight support services that consolidates Rockwell Collins’ former Ascend Flight Information SolutionsTM and ARINC Direct services into one solution for flight operations management, regional & international flight support, flight planning and cabin connectivity and it already cited as being the most comprehensive flight support solution for business aviation in the industry.

Some of the ARINCDirectSM services that will be showcased will be:

  • A tankering feature accessible via the ARINCDirectSM customer portal to help manage fuel costs more effectively
  • An extension of the Rockwell Collins’ Flight Operating SystemTM (FOS) with new and improved integration properties
  • The latest in in-flight cabin and crew connectivity
  • An upgrade to the ARINCDirectSM iPad application that provides business aviation pilots with the ability to carry out accurate computations via an integrated weight/balance/performance feature –on or offline

The cabin connectivity features integrate Rockwell Collins’ successful VenueTM system with Airshow Moving MapTM and SkyboxTM, giving business passengers real-time information and IFE on both cabin-mounted and personal devices.

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