Aviation Consultancy Firm Uses OASES

Other Aviation Consultancy Helps Manage Costs for Airlines and OperatorsVega Aviation, Turkey-based fleet management, aviation consultancy and representation services company will be using Commsoft’s Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (OASES) to deliver CAMO services via Arpiem Aviation.

Flag carriers and charter airlines in Turkey, CIS countries, Europe, Africa and Asia use Vega Aviation and Commsoft’s OASES product will offer a ‘best-of-breed’ MRO IT system that has enhanced user-friendly applications.

Commsoft Managing Director, Mr Nick Godwin said, “We’re delighted that Arpiem Aviation, a Commsoft strategic partner since 2011, has won this contract to provide CAMO services for Vega Aviation. It’s further evidence that OASES really can help professional aircraft maintenance operations to attract new business.”

Vega Aviation will use EASA Part M-approved OASES for their two, Turkish-based Boeing 737-300’s.

Aviation consultancy companies across the world help aviation businesses with a wide and varied range of applications, from streamlining messaging systems in order to help manage costs to providing critical advice for aircraft avionics and maintenance scheduling.

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