Concerns Still High as European Mandates Approach

Datalink Solutions Providers for Mandatory CommunicationsThis week, at the European Regions Airline Association assembly, speakers echoed the concern that is spread across the aviation industry about the upcoming mandatory regulations in Europe for CPDLC cockpit upgrades that are averaging $500,000 per aircraft in retrofit costs. Sectors are hoping for a delay to the mandate, which is intended to be in place by February 2015.

Also at the assembly, Steven Tyler, IATA director general says he has grown tired of trying to fight for reform in other areas.

Echoing the thoughts of many members, he said, “Everybody agrees with [changing the rules], but nothing ever happens. So the only conclusion you can reach is the reason they’re there is somebody likes it the way it is, and ‘the somebody’ is the governments. We can all agree it would be a good thing, but it’s just not happening, and the reason it’s not happening is because people like it the way it is. It may be illogical, it may be hypocritical, but I’m afraid that’s life. And that’s why I haven’t put all my own energy and all the energy of the organization, of IATA, into campaigning on this particular issue, because it would be wasted effort.”

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