Philippines Address Advance Passenger Information After 55 Arrests

Advance Passenger Information System ProvidersAfter arresting 55 illegal foreign workers in three Metro Manila cities last month, the Philippines Bureau of Immigration is putting pressure on the Government to address Advance Passenger Information in a bid to quell illegal activities.

“We will also coordinate with the Department of Foreign Affairs to formulate measures in screening the subjects prior to issuance of entry visas to the Philippines,” said spokesperson Elaine Tan, likening the search for illegal foreigners, once within the metropolis to “finding a needle in a haystack.”

The provision of Advance Passenger Information would alert the border control agencies of such potential illegals before they arrive in the Philippines.

The arrests were made following an anonymous tip-off that workers were operating illegally on construction sites and in retail establishments. Elaine Tan confirmed that the workers would be deported if they fail to produce the relevant documents to support their employment status.

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