Aviation Messaging Consultancy Can Help Operators to Understand Type B

Understand Type B Messaging with ARINCType B messaging can be perceived as complex, confusing and containing an unimaginable mass of data. These would all be correct assumptions to make and operators all over the globe are paying enormous amounts of money for the transmission of millions of these messages every single day.

Type B messages are transmitted for a wide range of reasons within the aviation industry including, but not limited to:

  • ACARS messaging
  • Filing flight plans
  • Exchanging mission critical messages with partner businesses
  • e-Ticketing transactions
  • Maintenance orders
  • IATA and non-IATA messaging

This complicated form of messaging must be seamlessly reliable to avoid ground-delays and to ensure continuation of operational productivity.

Type B aviation messaging consultancy providers can help to take some of the complexity out of the equation and can help operators to understand Type B in order to enable them to simplify their systems and ultimately save money by doing so. ARINC have a Type B messaging consultancy service and draw on more than 8 decades of industry experience. Take a look at their unique messaging calculator and see how much you could save.

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