Aviation Data Mining Looks for Passenger Opinion for On-Board Experience

Superior Cabin Services Solutions ProvidersIn a bid to look at new ways to improve passenger experience and maximise revenue, multiple companies are now data-mining to find out what passengers really think of aircraft cabins, cabin services In-Flight Entertainment, connectivity capabilities and more.

The creation of a ‘passenger experience’ database is seen by many as a real asset to airlines in terms of potential cabin add-ons and for designers when looking at the future of aviation travel. A comprehensive database will tell the industry leaders exactly what is required.

“I can see why a ‘passenger experience’ database would be a big benefit. It would give valuable feedback to airlines, and to suppliers in the end,” says aircraft interiors and IFE integration specialist Kosta Gianakopoulos. “Look at the experience of buying a car. Before you had the Internet, you’d simply go to the dealership to learn about a new car. But now you can do all the research on the Internet, read reviews, and go to the dealership and educate the sales guy. Why not book a flight armed with the same type of detail?”

Looking at the in-flight connectivity sector data is interesting stuff. “Anyone who flies knows that some connectivity is better than none,” says John Walton, Routehappy’s director of data. “But with the flood of approvals for satellite Wi-Fi following the FAA birdstrike testing, the wave of increasingly better Wi-Fi is cresting. We know what the maximum bandwidth and transfer speed are for each technology, so we’re explaining it to everyday flyers in ways that are easy to understand and familiar to them. People have experienced glacial speeds with older technologies, and it’s time to explain that if connectivity is important to you, you have some really good options out there.”

Data mining is in every other sector of industry and public opinion really does count in a world of competitive pricing and budget airlines. What better way to gain an edge on the competition than by giving the customer what he wants? Cabin services matter to passengers and a grasp of public opinion is vital in this consumer age.

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