New Global Communications SATCOM System Launched

Providers of Global Communications for Flight TrackingCanadian aerospace company, Flyht has launched a new portable SATCOM system, based on Iridium network technology that promises global communications at low prices for the aviation industry. At an initial cost of less than $10,000, the Dragon system will allow pilots and passengers to communicate for less, with no certification needed.

Using iPads, pilots and passengers will be able to use the Dragon iPad app to make telephone calls, send and receive emails and texts. The App will also be utilised by ground-based operations to deliver NOTAMs and weather updates to the cockpit, globally, via the Iridium satellite network.

As the world of aviation requests global flight tracking in the wake of flight MH370’s disappearance, the advent of the Dragon could not be better timed. With its ability to feed ASD systems, the Dragon is capable of flight following and has been tested by Chinese company, Aircraft Data Communication for input into its global aircraft management system.

Real-time flight tracking and delivery of automated OOOI messages is set to be high on many operators agenda’s this year. Other providers of technology based upon the Iridium network, particularly in the world of business aviation, are stepping up in the face of the competition.

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