Automated Baggage Handling Improves Passenger Experience

Automated Baggage Handling ProvidersThere is little doubt that airports with automated baggage handling provide a smooth, enhanced experience for passengers, reducing waiting times and streamlining the flow of baggage and passengers through the check-in system.

As many of us use some form of self-service check-in process, the advent of the one-stop kiosk is proving to be a huge benefit to those of us who wish to remain in control of every step of our journey.

Keeping it simple is the key. Easy-to-operate systems must be installed to enable even the virgin traveller to handle their own check-in with no fuss. The latest CUTE systems provide a comprehensive check-in system that has clear, simple instructions on a touch-screen interface that enables the passenger to;

  • Check in                 
  • Receive a boarding card and baggage tag
  • Attach the baggage tag
  • Place baggage in the kiosk, where it can be weighed, scanned and sent into the baggage handling system

Automated baggage handling system providers, such as ARINC, use the latest technology to provide just that. Simple, easy-to-operate systems that ensure that the baggage follows the passenger to their destination, including connecting flights, with the help of RF tagging is becoming essential to operational productivity.

The latest automated baggage handling systems are able to keep track of baggage with RF readers at critical points along the track, such as merging points and separators, which ensures that baggage can be verified and expedited along the correct route, even with business passenger baggage, that tends to arrive much closer to departure time.

As airports are being placed under greater pressure with the increase in passenger flow, particularly at peak times, Common Use Terminal Equipment is the answer to the expedition of the check-in process and automated baggage handling systems are growing in popularity across the globe.

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