New Physical Security Shocker at Mumbai Airport

Physical Security in AirportsMumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) recently benefitted from the installation of a new CCTV system to enhance physical security in the new Terminal 2 building. Mumbai has historically been targeted repeatedly by terror threats and the new system brought a collective sigh of relief for the workforce and the millions of passengers that pass through its doors every year.

Imagine the shock when, particularly in the wake of the recent security issues surrounding the missing Malaysian flight MH370, it was discovered that all the CCTV cameras still have their covers in place.

At 4.40 million square feet, the modern T2 was opened in January by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and houses India’s largest art gallery – a 3km long wall of art featuring more than 5,000 artefacts and artwork from across the country. It is unclear why the physical security system is not being properly utilised.

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