New MBA Course Launched for Indian Aviation Industry to Meet Growth

Aviation Industry ConsultantsIn a global sense, the aviation industry is facing a staffing crisis, with requirements predicted to far exceed actual numbers over the next five years. India is preparing with the launch of a new MBA course in aviation management, associated with the airline industry, at Mumbai University.

It makes sense for the industry as a whole to recognise the problem of the forthcoming staffing shortage in all sectors, not just for pilots and flight crew. All over the world, progress is being made as pressure is placed upon all sectors, government and education departments to encourage new generations of aviation industry employees.

There will be a strong need for slots to be filled in ground-handling, airport management, aviation consultancy, air traffic services and aviation messaging, to name a few.

India is experiencing huge growth, and is involved in airport construction across the country. Domestic passenger output has more than doubled over the past six years and is expected to increase to 337 million in the next.

The new course will be run by Captain Shashi Koppikar, who is an industry veteran with more than 45 years experience. Director of the Dept of Business Management at the Dr D Y Patil University, Dr Gopal said, “The department is in discussion with the various experts and the various aviation industries so as to bridge the needs of the aviation industry and the educational institutions. Additionally, discussions are being held in relation to guest lectures, summer placements and final placements. Many aviation organizations have already committed to absorb our students at the end of the two year period.”

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