A*Star at Singapore Airshow with Innovations for Communications

Global Aviation Communications Solutions ProvidersWith a growing focus upon sustainable solutions for the aviation industry, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) plan to demonstrate their R&D initiatives at the Changi Exhibition Centre; the location for the Singapore Airshow this year.

As the industry continues to expand and demands grow, with an expected 3.3 billion people expected to use commercial flights in 2014, globally, the industry needs some solutions – and fast. Aviation communications is just one area that will be addressed with the latest innovations and solutions, in addition to maintenance issues and analytics.

The very latest aviation communications technology will be on display including an electromagnetic compatibility tool which is designed to minimise interference and enhance evaluation of sensor systems onboard. There will be solutions for Software Defined Radio and Disruption Tolerant Networking that will allow for message routing in intermittently-connected networks with a focus upon reliability and performance.

In today’s busy skies, and with a forecast of ever-increasing traffic, airport and airline management has never been so critical. Operators are looking at sustainable aviation communications solutions to carry them forward in a competitive industry that never sleeps.

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