FLYHT Aerospace Solution for Critical Data Transfer

Critical Data Transfer Solutions ProvidersByron Capital Markets have recommended a ‘strong buy’ option for FLYHT Aerospace Solution, which includes critical data transfer solutions, aircraft operations management and fuel management system for aviation operators.

“FLY sits at a significant revenue inflection point in 2014 with several events serving as catalysts in the near and medium term”, says the Byron report, “Airbus currently has a backlog of 1,600 planes to be cleared in three years.”

Next-generation messaging systems are set to be mandatory in the skies by February 2015. The strict regulatory requirements is an expected solution for congested airwaves and will mean that critical data transfer can be seamlessly reliable, while lessening the workload in the cockpit.

“Crowded skies, aging fleets, outdated communications are stifling airline the industry,” states the Byron report, “Increasing globalization and trade between developed and emerging markets has and will continue to spur air travel, crowding skies further. Carrier fleets are aging. Workhorses such as the Boeing 737 and 767 are nearing 20 years’ old and are fuel inefficient compared to the current alternatives.”

Other providers of critical data transfer solutions are working hard to ensure that aviation operators are ready for the changeover by this time next year.

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