New Electronic Flight Bag Service Contract Agreed with Jeppesen and MNG Airlines

Electronic Flight Bag to Reduce Weight & Improve OperationsTurkish MNG Airlines have signed a 5-year contract with Jeppesen, part of Boeing Digital Aviation, for an electronic flight bag service with iPad integration as a part of an initiative to the paper-free cockpit.

Electronic flight bag solutions enhance operational productivity with the reduction of pilot workload and paperwork and the efficiency of having essential in-flight information at the touch of a button, or at the touch of a finger with the iPad applications.

The fuel consumption aspects of flight operations can also be improved through weight reduction.

Jeppesen will deliver the flight data to airline iPads via their web-based distribution manager (JDMPro), which will ensure fast and reliable delivery of navigational and operational data, while maintaining a secure network.

Other electronic flight bag services providers, such as ARINC, bring additional services to the table with in-flight solutions for cabin services, flight planning and flight support services for an end-to-end experience.

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