ARINC’s John Monto to Speak About TETRA Solution for Mission Critical Transmissions of Aviation Communications

TETRA Radio Takes Mission Critical Transmissions into the FutureIt has been announced that John Monto, ARINC’s Director of Radio Technology Solutions will speak at the inaugural TETRA conference about mission critical transmissions of aviation communications, specifically for LAX airport.

Mr Monto will look at the implementation process of the TETRA deployment, following the recent FCC approval for its use in mission critical transmissions.

TETRA could bring potential benefits for ground-based, physical security issues at LAX and at airports across America, particularly in the transportation and utilities sectors.

“ARINC is dedicated to ensuring our customers have clear connectivity to communicate vital information to airline personnel, passenger services, ground handlers, terminal security teams, and all airport ground support staff,” said Monto. “I am excited to discuss how our valued customers at LAX are using TETRA and the benefits it is providing that’s enabling them to get their jobs done in a more timely and efficient manner.”

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