Satellite Data Link Solutions Provider Latitude Begin Certification Process for FANS 1/A+

Satellite Data LinkAt the National Business Aviation Association convention last month in Las Vegas, satellite data link solutions providers, Latitude Technologies announced it has begun the process of achieving certification for its Future Air Navigation System (FANS) data link transceiver.

The system will transmit real-time satellite data link communications of safety services data over and via the Iridium satellite network.

“At Latitude, we pride ourselves at always being in the lead bringing to market new technologies developed specifically to help our customers to fly more efficiently, more safely, and more cost effectively,” said President of Latitude Technologies, Mark Insley, at the convention, “FANS-equipped commercial and executive jets are the way of the future and Latitude is very pleased to add FANS to our broad range of FDM, AFF, and SatCom products.”

FANS satellite data link communications can also help long-range business jets with the qualification of FANS compliant aircraft, enabling dynamic route planning and en route flight optimization.

Other satellite data link communications providers, such as ARINC Direct, also offer FANS data link transceivers as an integral part of their flight support services and flight deck communications packages for Business Aviation.

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