New Reserve Intelligence Squadron Activated at Beale

Beale Air Force Base last week revealed the activation of a new 79-strong reserve intelligence squadron comprised of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance specialists.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Solutions ProvidersBeale, a base that processes intelligence data will put the specialists to work with global intelligence networks alongside active duty personnel at their Distributed Ground Station.

Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance specialists carefully analyse and process raw human and satellite intelligence data gathered from across the world from unmanned airborne reconnaissance platforms and sends the processed information to combat commanders.

“Active duty may get smaller, so it’s important to capture these skill sets in the reserves,” said Lt. Col. Douglas A. Drakeley.

Lt. Col. Robert Garcia, 38 IS Commander, said to his squadron “many people will never know the day you saved their lives because nothing happened.”

The importance of accurate and timely delivery of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data cannot be stressed enough and ISR communications providers must be reliable.

ISR connectivity providers, such as ARINC, have worked within the military sector for decades, delivering solutions for mission critical transmissions.

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