Controller Pilot Data Link (CPDLC) Showcased at Open Day

Controller Pilot Data Link (CPDLC) Airtraffic Controllers Association of Ghana (ACAG) held an open day in Accra last week to showcase Controller Pilot Data Link (CPDLC) capabilities amongst its other activities to the public.

The open day was held in the Control Tower Building at Kokota International Airport (KIA) which opened its doors to the Presbyterian Boys Senior High School, Journalists and St Thomas Aquinas Senior High School as well as members of the public.

It is hoped that the open day will generate interest in air traffic control as a specialist career and encourage students to follow a path in aviation.

Air traffic control is a varied and interesting career, requiring specialist knowledge and ability in order to apply separation rules to maintain safe flying distances between aircraft in their assigned airspace as well as on the ground.

Mr William Amoako, an Airtraffic controller with GCAA, conducted the tour of the facility and stressed the importance of the role that the sector plays in the safety and efficiency of flying time.

Controller Pilot Data Link (CPDLC) is gradually replacing radio communications and is the future of air traffic management.  CPDLC helps to reduce pilot workload in the cockpit by automating many routine tasks and reduces radio congestion.

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