EU Parliament Vote to Put Safety First in Aviation

Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers all over the European Union today welcome the Parliamentarian decision to vote positively on the new Occurrence Reporting Regulation.

The agreement about improvements to current procedures for the reporting of incidents regarding aviation safety is supported by the European Parliament Transport Committee and sets the scene for a new framework to strengthen air safety across Europe.

The Transport Committee wanted to ensure that pilots and air traffic controllers are protected when reporting mistakes and that the information they provide is not misused or misrepresented.

“Europe’s airline pilots and air traffic controllers warmly welcome the adoption of this report”, said Nico Voorbach, President of the ECA“The pro-safety stance developed by the EP rapporteur Mrs de Veyrac – and vigorously supported by her colleagues within the Transport Committee is remarkable. A true safety culture is one that recognizes that it can always improve. MEP’s have understood this and introduced valuable improvements to an already good proposal by the EU Commission.”

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