The First A320 Family Aircraft to Offer In-flight Wifi Nearing Completion

In-Flight Wifi Service ProvidersThe first A320 family of Airbus, single-aisle jet aircraft to be fitted with the company’s Airline Network Architecture (ALNA v2) will soon roll off the assembly line in Toulouse, France.

The equipment will offer passengers internet access with in-flight Wifi and mobile telephone services in readiness for new relaxed rulings about the use of passenger technology in the air.

The A320 family will join the other Airbus A330, A380 and the new A350 XWB families to be refitted with the ALNA v2 equipment.

In-flight Wifi and GSM offerings are hot property in the aviation industry at the moment, with passenger demand for connectivity growing by the day.  In the business sector and private jets, it is expected, in order for company executives to be able to work as efficiently and effectively in the air as they can in their ground-based offices.

Service providers such as ARINC Direct bring a complete suite of passenger connectivity products to the table of business aviation and offer innovative, cost effective and seamlessly operational solutions to in-flight Wifi, telephone, fax and conference video with their unique Inmarsat and Iridium satellite services.

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