South African Airways Signs 5 Year Deal with ARINC for GLOBALink & HFDL

hfdl ARINC have been right up there in the aviation news these past few weeks and continue to push forward in the industry.  It has been announced today that South African Airlines has renewed its relationship with ARINC in signing a new 5 year contract for GLOBALink ACARS Services and will use ARINC’s High-Frequency Data Link (HFDL) for seamless global coverage.

The new data link agreement is just part of a long-standing business relationship between South African Airlines and ARINC.  The new contract will make ARINC the exclusive providers of all their communications needs.

ARINC’s HFDL Service, combined with HF voice then aircraft have high levels of reliability for air-ground communications during long-range flights.

ARINC’s GLOBALink ACARS data link provides airlines with reliability, using their industry-leading superior services and technical support systems.

South African Airlines will use ARINC for all VHF, HF and satellite ACARS traffic.  ARINC’s HFDL service will provide cost-effective, truly global coverage across vast oceanic expanses and Polar Regions, interfacing seamlessly with the VHF and SATCOM communications networks.

The data link services from ARINC gives airlines greater reliability, comprehensive operational messaging that eradicates the errors associated with radio voice communications.

“We are very excited to continue working with South African Airways,” said Alexis Hickox, Senior Director, Aviation Solutions, at ARINC EMEA. “We believe this renewal demonstrates the value ARINC provides our customers and positions us well for future growth in Africa.”

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