ARINC AQP ACARS over Iridium Approved for FLYHT

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd has announced that it has been given approval for the use of AFIRS 228 to send ACARS over Iridium messages over the ARINC network as a result of ARINC’s GLOBALink /Iridium phase 3 AQP tests.

Iridium satellite network provides global reach for messaging and has been used by FLYHT for nearly 10 years rather than traditional VHF radio.  HFDL, part of ARINC’s GLOBALink, fills in the gaps as far as coverage is concerned, with 15 stations that offer truly global coverage for ACARS and other critical data messaging, including remote polar regions.

ARINC is one of only two organizations that are approved to route ACARS protocol; the industry-standard for communication of critical ground and ground-air messaging for over 50 years.

“This is a key milestone for the Company and its customers. To successfully pass the AQP testing on the first attempt is not the industry norm. We are thrilled that the certification program for FLYHT’s products is proceeding as smoothly as planned, which is the result of the highly skilled and dedicated team that FLYHT has assembled,” said Bill Tempany, President and CEO of FLYHT.  “The certification of the AFIRS 228 opens an expanded market to major carriers requiring the AOI capability for FANS or CPDLC compliance for FLYHT. These approvals underpin an aggressive marketing push, which is well underway.”

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