Airpro Oy Sign New 3 Year ARINC AviNet Contract for Type B Messaging

Leading provider of airport services, ground handling and security, Airpro Oy has announced the signing of a new 3 year contract with ARINC for its type b messaging service, AviNet.

ARINC EMEA aviation solutions director, Alexis Hickox is delighted that Airpro Oy has selected ARINC for their type b messaging and other critical communications and says, “We believe that AviNet will provide Airpro Oy with an ideal messaging solution now and for years to come.”

Airpro Oy needs a reliable solution that meets cost-effective requirements for regular and dependable communications with flexible and interoperable access that remains seamlessly secure for type b messaging.

Mr Ari Haapanen, Airpro Oy’s MD said, “With AviNet, as a hosted solution, we are able to save significantly on our costs by removing the previous infrastructure which was no longer needed, replacing it with ARINC’s web-based solution.”

Airpro Oy believe that they will not only save money but make improvements to their systems with critical type b messaging, email and SMS messaging.


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