Human Recognition Airport Systems to Help Ease Queuing in Edinburgh Airport

Later this month, Edinburgh airport will introduce MFlow Journey as a part of the airport systems to track and monitor passenger movement through its terminals.

MFlow is one of the latest innovations in Human Recognition, and will take a (thankfully) anonymous image of each passengers face as they check-in.  This enables the airport systems to measure the length of time it will take for each passenger to reach certain ‘check-points’.

Airport Systems

MFlow Airport Systems

The analysis of the data will enable the airport systems      to alert passenger management of any potential queue problems in advance, the idea being that the reduced time for the passenger queuing or waiting in a particular area of the terminal will increase the time the passenger will have for spending in the shopping areas, and therefore, maximizing profit potential for the airport, while enhancing the passenger experience as a whole.

Airport Systems

Edinburgh Airport Systems

Head of IT for Edinburgh Airport, Graeme Agnew said, “As the system doesn’t rely on people carrying Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, we are able to collate highly accurate data on the movement of passengers through security screening and then make informed decisions about how we manage this area of the airport in the long term.”

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