EASyII Flight Deck Communications Approved for Falcon Jet to bring CPDLC capability.

Dassault Falcon, part of Dassault Aviation and responsible for the sale and support of Falcon Jets throughout the world, recently announced that they had received approval from the FAA & EASA for the new flight deck system EASyII to be installed on all EASy-series Falcons.

The move comes after development of the new flight deck communications system with enhanced data-link capabilities for the communication of CPDLC and other expanding Air Traffic Management technologies.

The new system will help to streamline flight deck comms and aid the reduction of miscommunication of air-ground voice messaging.

“The EASy flight deck has received an enthusiastic reception from Falcon operators due to its ability to streamline the workflow in the cockpit and enhance situational awareness,” John Rosanvallon, President and CEO of Dassault Falcon Jet, said, “EASy II offers new functionalities and improved capabilities based upon extensive customer feedback, new regulations and operational changes that accompany a new set of air traffic management tools.”

CPDLC messaging via data-link is faster, more efficient and can significantly reduce the flight deck workload, offering pilots and coordinators greater flexibility.



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