Controlled Access to Passenger Data Debate Continues

It has been recently discussed that passenger data, if utilized and analyzed properly, could improve profitability for the airline industry.

Of course, this is a highly debatable subject in some sectors, due to concerns over security and data-sharing, not just passenger data, but all kind of data ranging throughout global industry.

However, passenger data is already accessed via a ‘cloud’ by government and security agencies and is carefully tagged to ensure the passenger data or any other information does not fall into ‘other’ hands.

The implementation of a ‘Data Lake’ could be the answer, enabling secure access to passenger data and related data that could be used by authorized analysts to weigh up the global aviation industry possibilities for improvement and increased profitability.

So, What is a ‘Data Lake’ & How Could it Affect Passenger Data?

A ‘Data Lake’ is basically a common storage pool with each piece of data being tagged with appropriate security information.  This will, through the use of metatags, control who is able to access the information, be it passenger data for an airline or fuel prices, for example.  The security information will stay with the data, tagging it in with certain criteria for analytical value.

The idea will place analytical information within fast and easy, but above all, secure and controlled reach of analysts, with those security tags firmly in place!

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