Border Control Biometrics to Improve Airport Security for Ghana

Ghana is the latest country to implement biometrics to improve airport security and enhance border control.  The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) recognised the need to streamline the immigration process with the implementation of electronic border control, visa and permit applications and the installation of electronic gates at Accra’s Kotoka International Airport to enhance airport.

GIS director and Commissioner of Police Dr Peter A Wiredu said, “To maintain Ghana’s economic development, we need an immigration system that can meet the challenges of rapid growth in international travel.”

The GIS has awarded the contract to implement the scheme to Gemalto, who will, with the assistance of Avalon Biometrics, install the fully computerized system.  Dr Wiredu added, “Gemalto has contributed to more than 80 successful government programmes worldwide and has all the required project management skills, reputation and expertise to deliver the country’s new IT infrastructure.”

The eGhana project, which encompasses this initiative, will also set up an online portal, data centre and network upgrade for visa applications and issuance of permits.  The project will allow Ghana to monitor the movements of its borders, as growth continues and will enhance passenger experience with faster, controlled processing while maintaining airport security like never before.

Airport security systems such as that offered by ARINC – AviNet Airport – are becoming increasingly popular worldwide as they offer airlines the chance to improve security whilst concurrently improving efficiency.

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