Avfuel FBO’s make History

The installation of the world’s first GE H80 800 HP fuel-efficient engine in a King Air C90 has caused much excitement in Nashville, as Drumm and Lakeshore Aviation teamed up with Avfuel Fixed-base Operator (FBO) Smyrna Air Center.

Having flown King Airs for years, I’m excited to see this program take off,’ said Greg Ryan, GE Aviation Sales Director.

The impeccably restored King Air C90 is latest addition to the Lakeshore Aviation charter fleet and features the new engine, developed by GE Aviation following their acquisition of Czech-based Walters Company.  The H80 is a combination of the Walters’ M601 engine and GE’s 3D wizardry to produce a more powerful, durable engine with the all-important advanced fuel efficiency.

We’re seeing faster speeds, yet we’re burning less fuel.  The extended service live of 3.600 flight hours between overhauls will result in a significant reduction in maintenance costs,’ said Curt Drumm, President of Lakeshore Aviation, commercial rated pilot and the organization’s charter captain. ‘This is GE’s first engine for being used on business turboprop aircraft and the improvements it brings to the turboprop flying experience are incredible. Pilots love it because it’s just fun to fly.

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