EEC Agree to Ka-band Switch for Improved Satellite Broadband

It has recently been announced that the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) has agreed to a key decision, regarding the use of Earth Stations On Mobile Platforms (ESOMPs), which will enable significant improvements to satellite broadband services for planes, trains and ships.

The changes and improvements should come within weeks of this announcement, following the identification by the EEC, of the technical and operational requirements for the use of ESOMPs in the geostationary satellite networks over certain parts of the ‘Ka-band’, ensuring existing fixed satellite and service networks are protected from interference.

Ka-band satellites use small spot beams which will lead to increased spectrum efficiency, allowing the use of smaller terminal antennae that can be mounted cost-effectively, to aircraft, ships or mobile land vehicles.  The use of such ESOMPs will provide increased spectrum efficiency and more capacity than existing mobile systems in the Ku-band range.

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