ATC Global Exhibition and Conference

CPDLCThis year, at the ATC Global Exhibition and Conference in Amsterdam, advanced training solutions for ATC simulations were showcased in the shape of Adacel’s Aurora ATM system.

Elements of their Unified Training Solution (UTS) demonstrated the growing need for technological advancement, aiming to ‘Create the appropriate mix of tools to prevent bottlenecks that break the training continuum,’ and tailoring these solutions to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Adacel realise that high-definition ATC simulators are not enough to meet the expanding demands upon ATC training requirements and recognise that students need the appropriate tools at each specific stage of training, to ensure competency in every area, from terminology and communications through to advanced ATC skills required to become a competent controller with a firm and broad knowledge of complex technological advances in the industry.

Technology impresses upon the student the need for competency in ATM functionality for the effective control of air traffic in the areas of mixed and non-surveillance airspace.

Adacel’s Aurora ATM system demonstrates the latest technology, including automated conflict detection, 4D profile protection, dynamic airspace airspace allocation and controller pilot data link communications (CPDLC).

Award-winning training applications for operational ATM, speech recognition and advanced ATC simulations required for students today, to make them the competent operators of tomorrow.

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