ARINC Introduces Cyber Security Program

Well know airline support company ARINC has been seen to be expanding on new areas of business. They announced that their Advanced Information Management (AIM®) Cyber Security Program is now available. Based on Nuclear Energy Institute’s (NEI) 08-09 Revision 6, a regulation which provides a program for achieving regulatory compliance to Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) rigorous regulations governing cyber security.

ARINC Advance Information Management

ARINC Advance Information Management

“ARINC is using both physical protection schemes and cyber protection appliances to give nuclear operators total cyber assurance,” said Frank Koren, Business Development Director of ARINC Security Systems. “Our turnkey solution provides nuclear power plant operators with the ability to mitigate cyber threats and to achieve NRC compliance now and in the future.”

Built on ARINC’s Advanced Information Management (AIM) Security Computer System platform, the new Cyber Security solution is an integrated assortment of tools and techniques designed to mitigate cyber-attacks under a variety of operational circumstances. The ARINC solution enables nuclear power plant operators to create a ‘defense-in-depth’ strategy which implements multiple layers of security controls to thwart cyber-attacks. Equally important in mitigating cyber-attacks, cyber programs must establish proactive cyber policies and procedure that continuously analyze the aggregation and correlation of network node information allowing IT staff to build in additional protective strategies as part of a proactive cyber program.

For more information please visit the ARINC AIM website.

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