Airport Customer Service – the Future

Airports know the importance of delivering the best possible for customers travelling through the terminals. The effort to improve customer’s time waiting for their flight has improved during the last few years with gourmet eateries, cell phone charging stations, higher-end facilities, a wide variety of in-airport activities and other plans to upgrades.

When flying, many negative customer experiences are created because of unforeseen delays, mechanical issues, weather problems, etc. These annoyances can create delays of minutes or even hours, and in the worst case scenario cancelled. It is however, possible for these delays to decrease even further, with airlines and airports having the right technology. An iPad-based technology allows cabin crew to manage all reporting and manuals digitally, seeing and addressing unforeseen problems much earlier.

There are polls and articles dedicated to comparing the best and worst airports assisting customers and these new technologies will be a huge benefit in improving customer satisfaction and pre-flight experience, as well as improving a given airport’s reputation.

As well as improving reporting processes, iPad-based technology offers a more effective way to handle customer service issues. Aviation CRM systems are becoming more user-friendly and will be accessible via iPad systems. These CRM systems make it easier for both in-flight crew and airport staff to access customer information, process sales and address customer service issues. Currently airline crews can access corporate memos, manage internal communications, access flight data, up-to-date weather info, etc. while in-flight, from a single device. In the future, airline crews in the airport will be able to handle customer check-in, checking baggage, selling tickets, anywhere, anytime from a single, handheld device.

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