NBAA 2012 ARINC & FlightAware

With immediate effect, ARINC Direct will exchange information with FlightAware to provide customers with a secure and customized FlightAware interface on ARINC Direct’s website. This will develop FlightAware live flight tracking information and ARINC Direct customers will now seamlessly be able to benefit from access to FlightAware’s live web-based flight tracking and fleet maps, including streaming live flight and map updates, worldwide enroute navigation data and a host of other maps and overlays. Messaging the aircraft, worldwide position and flight plan display, arrival and departure information, flight history and airport delay information are also included.

NBAA 2012 ARINC & FlightAware

The current “Track Flights” service on ARINC Direct’s website will be completely replaced with the FlightAware powered tracker. ARINC Direct customers will be provided with worldwide flight tracking on a customized FlightAware display.

Featuring the largest flight tracking website in the world with over three million users, FlightAware was the first in the market to offer web-based flight tracking of private and commercial aircraft, primarily providing services and data to aircraft and airport operators, as well as other aviation organizations to assist in their operations.

ARINC also provide an aircraft messaging consultancy service for airlines to measure their current Type B usage and costs. ARINC say that they are able to provide savings to the majority of customers and offer a free, no obligation tool. The Type B Messaging tool can be found here.

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