Boeing 787 Makes First Commercial Flight

Made in the UK, and using 20% less fuel the Boeing 787 finally carried out it first commercial flight this week. Packed with technological innovation it is made of carbon fiber – not the tradition aluminum and steel.

Designed with passenger comfort as a priority it has a number of features that left the passengers, made up of 100 members of the public and an array of journalist, aviation officials and industry workers, including extra-large windows, increased overhead locker space, improved cabin environment and noise levels, modern passenger accessories such as USB ports at every seat and a new seat design that allows seats to be reclined without impacting other passengers leg room.

Designed for ultra-long haul flights, and manufactured in the UK Boeing is geared up to increase production, despite some delays that have led to cancelled orders.

The 787 is the only aircraft of its kind, offering advanced fuel economy and lightweight design, although Airbus has plans to launch their own Dreamliner.

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