PASSUR Aerospace and ARINC Announce Agreement to Deliver Cockpit Analytics

PASSUR Aerospace and ARINC announced today a teaming agreement to deliver to the cockpit from flight dispatchers predictive analytics and decision support tools, as well as other advanced information solutions.

The new system makes solutions available to the flight deck & airline and business aviation operations centers from dispatchers and air traffic coordinators.

“We are very pleased to team with PASSUR and bring their unique real-time and predictive content to the flight deck using our advanced communications technology,” said Steve Means, Vice President of ARINC Aviation Solutions. “The combination of PASSUR’s extensive and successful customer-driven solutions with ARINC’s world-class communications will make for better, smarter decisions.”

“We are delighted to team with ARINC to expand the reach of our business intelligence solutions to the flight deck,” said Jim Barry, PASSUR Aerospace’s President and CEO. “ARINC is a world leader in air-to-ground communications and combining their capabilities with PASSUR’s content will provide even greater value to our industry.”

The combined solution will offer AOCs and dispatchers the ability to share the predictive analysis and alerts they already receive on PASSUR dashboards – related to such operational decisions as diversions and estimated times of arrival – directly with pilots, through an automated messaging process which formats PASSUR content specifically for distribution on ARINC communications systems. The solution provides for greater efficiency, communication, and collaboration with the cockpit, while increasing the critical role of Dispatch.

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