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Bristol Airport UK | Security Upgrades InitiativeIt has been announced that Bristol Airport in the UK’s West Country is to embark upon a £24 million project to upgrade the airport technology, facilities and capacity, including security upgrades and a new 12-lane security area.

The plan is part of an ongoing initiative to increase security at the airport, while keeping passenger disruption and delays to a minimum, delivering ‘faster, more efficient processes.’

Part of the project will also include additional security to current baggage handling processes, particularly baggage screening.

Fraser Dury, Bristol Airport head of engineering said, ‘We are committed to leveraging the most effective technologies and solutions to ensure high standards of security are maintained with minimal impact on passengers.’

The airport plans will also include the upgrade of communications systems throughout the airport environment. The entire project is geared towards scalability and flexibility for the future, and will give Bristol Airport a firm foundation for continued growth.

Leading Providers of Electronic Security Systems for Airports and FacilitiesPensacola International Airport has announced that it will be ramping up security at with a new electronic security system that is expected to cost $533,000.

The new high-tech system will include security cameras and a motion detection system with audible warning to alert airport security personnel if concourse areas are breached. The concourses will also be in need of upgrades to facilitate additional security measures for the airport.

It is estimated that an annual $120,000 will be saved by removing the need for constant monitoring of the sensitive areas of the airport.

Contracts have been tendered and discussions will begin this month to decide upon the best way forward with the best airport security systems providers.

Florida’s Department of Transportation will contribute $104,000 towards the technology portion of the project.