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ARINC Inc will attend the Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership workshop in Detroit with its AIM Security Computer & Cyber Security Solutions, it has been announced.

Frank Koren, Business Development Director at ARINC said, “As a leading provider of nuclear security systems mandated by 10CFR 73.55/54, we are highly involved in providing compliant security solutions that ensure the highest levels of safety and security for our customers.”

ARINC AIM cyber security solution is used for security command and control at more than forty nuclear plants across the US and Canada.  The CFR compliant software meets the mandatory regulations imposed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and addresses the issues associated with IT and cyber security in nuclear-powered utilities.

ARINC, world-leading aviation communications providers also lead the way in the global security market with solutions for highly advanced information management, including ARINC AIM.

ARINC AIM (Advanced Information Management) offers integrated security technologies to the nuclear, military, ports, transportation and government facilities for real-time situational awareness capabilities.  For access control, vehicle and number plate recognition software, biometrics, video systems and identity management, ARINC AIM central command, control and monitoring can protect the critical infrastructure of sensitive, high security facilities.

ARINC uses an intelligent network of advanced technological solutions to provide critical installations across the globe with unique informational security.  Airport facilities and sensitive nuclear installations rely upon ARINC AIM for critical security and monitoring, multi-level controlled access and full system redundancy with resilience for communications, peripheral equipment as well as servers.

ARINC AIM furnishes clients with the reassurance of reliability, seamless integration and utmost efficiency of successful, continuous operations.  The name ARINC has remained synonymous with reliability for decades.  Groundbreaking innovative solutions continue to pave the way for technological advancements from flight deck to ground level security platforms.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recognise the important roles that non-nuclear weapon states, such as those in Africa are playing in shaping and enhancing nuclear security, in spite of development challenges that they face and rising economic issues.

At the forthcoming, and probably penultimate, Nuclear Security Conference in July this year, with the last of three summits planned in the Netherlands in 2014, the IAEA hosts will have a chance to strengthen its corroborative role with states to enhance their capacity for nuclear security and will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to have their say, proving input into the agency’s Nuclear Security Plan for 2014-17.

This is good news for African states in particular, as they have had little chance to participate in global nuclear security debates as the international community continually search for a channel in which to encourage the nuclear security agenda forum in a more fundamentally inclusive way.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

ARINC has, for more than 20 years, provided essential, industry-leading nuclear security solutions to the U.S. nuclear power industry.  Using its innovative command, surveillance, control and communications technologies, ARINC furnishes the industry with reliable protection and performs systems integration functions.

Energy Solutions Inc is the latest addition to the company’s respected customer family.  Based in Salt Lake City, Energy Solutions Inc is responsible for the decommissioning project in Illinois over then next ten years.  ARINC have been successful in their bid to provide nuclear security and information management software.

The Advanced Information Management System will be seamlessly integrated by ARINC’s Security Solutions Project Team, with the existing security system of the (spent) nuclear fuel silo, constructed for the Zion Nuclear Power Station by Energy Solutions Inc.

Frank Koren, ARINC product director of security systems said, ‘We are excited to work with Energy Solutions on this important project.  Our AIM SCS technology is widely used for security command and control applications at over 42 nuclear plants throughout the U.S. and Canada.’

In fact, ARINC’s proven nuclear security system solutions are used in 50% of all the nuclear power plants in North America to date.