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Providers of Bag Drop & Passenger Processing Solutions to Revolutionise the IndustryRockwell Collins are having a busy month this month with the unveiling of yet another new product. Developed to further streamline and enhance the passenger processing system in airports, ARINC vMUSE mobile enables ground handling and airline agents to use a tablet-based application to check-in passengers from anywhere in the airport.

The possibilities for the new passenger processing system are far-reaching, particularly for off-airport check-in, which is a sector of the industry that is fast growing in popularity for both passengers and airports. The flexibility offered to passengers, with off-airport bag drop points and now the ARINC vMUSE mobile system from Rockwell Collins is revolutionising the entire air travel experience; completely changing the traditional airport queue and waiting system that many passengers dread.

The industry is getting a good look at the new product this week at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2015, where demonstrations of the system’s capabilities are being carried out.

ARINC vMUSE mobile will allow each airline to access its own check-in application with the same security and reliability of traditional CUPPS, but without the additional technical resources, software configurations or installation time, thus reducing the costs, but giving the full CUPPS advantages.

Baggage Handling Solutions ProvidersAs one in four passengers are making the most of the recently-installed self check-in kiosks at Kolkata Airport, queuing is expected to be cut in half according to airport staff.

The six kiosks were installed last month and already, the time savings are said to have been brought down by almost half an hour during peak times for frequent fliers, who can now issue their own boarding passes in under a minute.

Now that almost a quarter of all travellers through Kolkata are using the kiosks to such advantage, the airport are planning to introduce another four kiosks over the next few months to further streamline the check-in process.

Previously, the queues at Kolkata were described as serpentine, and many of the commuter passengers were struggling to meet the flights. One passenger, Rajesh Dwivedi, who takes weekly flights in and out of the airport spoke of his previous problems with the queues. “I was twice denied boarding as the system shut down 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure,” he said. “The kiosks have come as a boon. At have been using the facility at other major airports and am glad that it’s finally come to Kolkata.”

Self-service check-in is a system that is proving itself all over the world as passengers prefer to take greater control of their journey. The introduction of the multiple airline common-bag drop also gives airlines and airports increased flexibility and offers the opportunity for cost-sharing and space saving with a better utilisation of airport personnel, particularly at peak times.

Find out more about CUTE Passenger Processing SolutionsRockwell Collins have today announced that Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport have selected the latest ARINC vMUSE Common Use Passenger Processing System for implementation.

In addition, the contract will involve the installation of ARINC SelfServ common use kiosk software, ARINC VeriPax passenger reconciliation system and will update local departure control systems and flight information displays.

“We’re pleased to extend and expand a partnership which dates back to 2004,” said Karen Walkes, director of engineering for GAIA Inc. “Rockwell Collins’ vMUSE system, as well as its other technologies, provides our airport with the most efficient ways to process passengers—and improve customer service—throughout our facilities.”

The airport are the first in the world to operate Rockwell Collins’ common use platform on wireless network alone and look forward to the implementation of vMUSE to bring new efficiencies and savings.

Self service passenger check-in and baggage handling systems are fast growing in popularity on a global scale as passengers continue to take more and more control of their journey. Enhancing passenger experience and streamlining operations from end-to-end is the solution for many airports and airlines to ground delays, while maintaining utmost security.