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Although complaints arose over the Christmas period as delays grounded passengers around the globe, the move to long haul flight communications for low-cost airlines is set to light the fires of competitive costs within the industry.

Long-Haul Flight Communications Solutions ProvidersRecently, Norwegian Air Shuttle announced a new strategy that promises discount flying to long-haul routes such as Bangkok, Florida and New York and has ordered a fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Ryanair are also making noises about plans to introduce long-haul flights once prices for wide-body aircraft come down.

Long haul flight communications ensure that global coverage is achieved. High Frequency Data Link is the answer. Communications can be transmitted and received via a network of ground-based stations and satellite networks that can provide truly global, seamless coverage, critical for long-haul flights across oceanic expanses and Polar Regions, where ground-based stations are intermittent.