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Last night the French authorities confirmed the debris found on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion did indeed belong to the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 Boeing 777, seventeen months after it tragically disappeared from radar.

In a press conference, the Malaysian Prime Minister said that he has ‘shared the pain of those who could find no comfort,’ and offered the families of the 239 passengers on board MH370 his ‘deepest sympathy and prayers.’

It is believed that the search for the flight recorder will now be shifted to include the area of the Indian Ocean where the wreckage has been found. There were reports last year from the Maldives Islands of sightings of a passenger jet flying low over the islands in the early hours of the day flight MH370 went missing.

As the ICAO official said last month, the case cannot be closed until the plane is found. Today’s news will hopefully bring the authorities a step closer to its conclusion.

Inmarsat's GX Aviation Satellite Services ProvidersInmarsat’s latest satellite communications system, Global Xpress, scheduled to deliver global aviation broadband at speeds of up to 50mpbs later this year, is currently being used to aid the Nepal Earthquake Rescue teams as they co-ordinate relief to the devastated country.

The GX system, which is being tested before going officially into service, is providing communications support and broadband to the teams, as the country’s communications infrastructure was damaged during last month’s earthquake.

Global Xpress will eventually comprise of four satellites, the third of which is expected to be launched in June 2015.