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cabin-services-worldwideIt has been announced that Pentastar Aviation and Chicago Jet Group have formed a strategic alliance for the provision of CPDLC FANS 1/A STC for Gulfstream business aircraft.

Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) will give access to designated airspace that will reduce flight time and fuel burn, and has been introduced to enhance efficiency for flight deck communications as air traffic continues to increase year-on-year.

FANS technology delivers flight tracking and text messaging capabilities to flight decks to enable clear and concise aircraft communications across the world.

Providers of CPDLC support aircraft operators as they move towards a single directive for air traffic communications.

Find Out More About CPDLC | Industry Aviation Communications ProvidersAssociated Air Center president, Mr James Colleary is pleased to announce what he refers to as a ‘significant industry accomplishment’, as his company are awarded supplemental type certification for an out-of-production Boeing aircraft.

The company was awarded STC for installation of CPDLC-FANS system on the Boeing 757-200, which includes an ICG Iridium satcom system, new ACARS and a cockpit voice recorder.

Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) and Future Air Navigation System (FANS) are set to become mandatory by 2020 as a part of the Single European Sky initiative, which will make the congested skies over Europe safer and more easily managed.

FANS Component UpdatesThe Future Air Navigation System or FANS component updates for the FAA’s NextGen air traffic control modernisation plans have been released in an instructional eBook by Duncan Aviation.

The company released the updates at the NBAA Convention and compiled the information to include an explanation of the FANS Component 1/A, what equipment will be needed to upgrade, how it works, all the regulatory information and what the benefits will be of the enhanced communications systems for CPDLC and ATS services.

Justin Vena, a Duncan Aviation avionics installations sales representative said, “Although there are no easy answers in the retrofit market, our ‘Straight Talk About FANS’ is meant to clarify the FANS protocol and how the mandates affect communications systems in various aircraft.”

An instructional information ‘class’ was held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, to explain CPDLC (Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications) and ADS-C (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract), including component bases, set-up and ATC hand-off.  In addition, the session also addressed the NextGen FANS component updates for the mandatory introduction in Europe and the North Atlantic tracks.