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Solutions for Advanced Passenger Information SystemFollowing the disappearance of flight MH370, the focus of the Annual General Meeting of IATA this key will be enhancing security and finding ways to prevent the recurrence of such an incident.

Tony Tyler, Director-General and CEO of IATA stressed that speculation on the aircraft cannot be a guide to move forward, he said, ‘We need to base our efforts on evidence and conclusions that will come out of investigation. When an incident or accident occurs, our thoughts go to the families and friends of all those on board, and we rededicate our efforts to make this industry even safer.’

Mr Tyler added that the air transport industry is safe, with a low accident-flight ratio, but the ‘world cannot afford to leave the unprecedented missing of such a large aircraft as an aviation mystery’.

Among the issues to be addressed will be the length of time it is taking to locate the missing aircraft and to ensure that adequate flight tracking can be put into place. The issue of airport security and passenger screening has also been highlighted by the fact that two passengers were able to board with stolen passports.

The AGM, scheduled for early June, will focus upon improvements to passenger safety and will discuss the urgency of countries to provide advanced passenger information.

data linkThe Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) will move the aviation industry forward with the implementation of advanced data link communications by 2020.

At Aviation Week, hosted in Washington, leaders from airlines, industry providers and government agencies held discussions and shared critical facts and data in order to reinforce the implementation of the future of air travel with the proposed data link mandates.

At the show, the NextGen Showcase was aimed to help airlines find the right providers, simplifying the selection process and highlighting where the smartest investments in technology would lie.

The showcase was all about imparting the industry with the changing rules within NextGen, making sure that advances in technology in the cockpit can be embraced and used to their full potential as NextGen approaches.

NextGen will help to improve safety with data link communications, in addition to creating more fuel efficient routes, less congestion and increased operability solutions for airlines.

Industry leading data link providers bring many solutions to the table, with retrofit avionics, data link packages and cost effective innovations, such as ARINC’s HFDL solution.

Data link technology is widely used in today’s busy skies, helping to create a safe and secure airspace across the globe.  NextGen will reinforce the use of data link communications with the issue of mandatory rules and specific routes for carriers of data link.

By 2020 data link communications mandates will be imposed under regulatory conditions.  Air carriers are advised to look at the possibilities now, for retrofitting.  All new aircraft off the production line are being fitted with data link technology in preparation.