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Business Aviation Blog | Cybersecurity on Aircraft – New GuidelinesLast month, the US Senate introduced the Cybersecurity Standards for Aircraft to Improve Resilience Act (Cyber AIR Act). This move requires the FAA to introduce guidelines for the aviation industry in addition to the requirement of airlines to report any and every instance of cyber-attack to the government.

In a technologically-advancing age, cybersecurity in the aviation industry is becoming increasingly necessary, with potentially disastrous consequences on the table for failure to keep information management systems secure. Millions of pieces of mission-critical data, and personal passenger information is exchanged between agencies, government bodies and aviation businesses every day, and access to it is strictly regulated.

Providers of cybersecurity solutions for key infrastructure in airports and secure facilities all over the world deliver a wide range of products and technology to ensure industry standards are met and integration remains fully managed.

cabin-services-worldwideThe Singapore Airshow saw a new cyber security solution launched by Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd this year, designed to tighten security around air traffic, aircraft systems and avionics, in addition to IT infrastructure.

The company, who have experience in civil aviation and in cyber security, have launched the new solution at the right time, with today’s growing threat of cyberspace terrorism sweeping the globe.

Cyber security providers are recognising a critical need for the creation of a holistic approach to strengthening infrastructure security across the entire aviation environment, including airports, IT systems, airlines, manufacturers and aircraft.

Global Providers of Cyber Security Solutions for Airports & FacilitiesThis September the platform will be open for a global aviation security discussion in Dubai as the Information Exchange Group announce the dates for the Aviation Security Conference 2015.

IXG has said that the conference will offer the most prominent platform for a ‘Discuss-Debate-Deliberate’ session on the most critical issues in the field of aviation security.

Topics to be aired will include the assessment of the latest threats to civil aviation, the industry’s technical developments and innovations, cyber security and crisis management amongst other subjects.

A panel of EMEA regional experts will attend and open the discussions.

Virginia-based VIDSys, PSIM providers have announced that they have raised $15.6 in equity financing led by NewSpring Capital, with participation from previous investors, Motorola Solutions, Flybridge Capital, JVax Investment Group and Atlanta Equity.

Although it is unclear exactly how the PSIM providers will do with the new capital, a statement issued by VIDSys said, “VidSys will use these funds to help grow and scale the company on a global basis beyond our existing footprint. … We will also invest in further development of our core software … for our public sector and enterprise clients.”

Other PSIM providers are also doing well globally.  ARINC PSIM solution has become available across the world after its respected debut in the US, where they provide more than 50% of North America’s nuclear power plants with system security.

ARINC Advanced Information Management (AIM) also provides command, control and access for secure government facilities, seaports, airports and military installations where real-time situational awareness is essential for personnel, passengers and facility safety and security.


ARINC Inc will attend the Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership workshop in Detroit with its AIM Security Computer & Cyber Security Solutions, it has been announced.

Frank Koren, Business Development Director at ARINC said, “As a leading provider of nuclear security systems mandated by 10CFR 73.55/54, we are highly involved in providing compliant security solutions that ensure the highest levels of safety and security for our customers.”

ARINC AIM cyber security solution is used for security command and control at more than forty nuclear plants across the US and Canada.  The CFR compliant software meets the mandatory regulations imposed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and addresses the issues associated with IT and cyber security in nuclear-powered utilities.