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It is a sorry start to the year for Bombardier, who has announced that 10% of its workforce will lose their jobs in a bid to save the ailing manufacturer.

It is thought that 7,000 jobs will go as Bombardier continue to try to turn itself around. Last year the launch of the Learjet 85 was suspended indefinitely, as orders tailed off across the industry. Approximately 500 jobs will be cut in the company’s business aviation sector, with almost half of those from the Learjet facility in Wichita.

Bombardier is a company that holds sustainability close to the heart of its business ideal, and continues to be dedicated to carrying that model throughout its operations.

Cessna’s Citation Latitude business jet has received EASA certification, eight months after FAA approval was granted.

Another accolade was the receipt of approval for operation in the notoriously challenging La Mole Airport in St Tropez in the South of France. The twinjet aircraft met the performance parameters required and was given approval.

Now, Cessna look forward to making deliveries of the beautiful, midsize jet in European countries this year.


Environmental news surrounding the CO2 emissions debate | Business Aviation NewsThe International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has announced a decision in the debate surrounding the CO2 emissions limits for business aircraft. The decision has been made following six years of meetings and testing to arrive at the recommended standard, which will now go for approval later this year.

The agreement has been supported by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and a consortium of business jet owners and manufacturers represented by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

There will be conditional recommendations, such as the application of the standard to small aircraft (below 5.7 metric tons), and propeller aircraft (below 8.7 metric tons).

business aviation servicesAviation Services Management (ASM) has expanded its flight support services operation in India with the introduction of a new subsidiary company called Aviation Travel and Tourism Services (ATTS).

The company, who has also opened a new office in Dubai International Airport, is hoping to continue to expand and take on more employees this year.

Flight support services for business aircraft is a niche marketplace, but offers a critical service in a sector that generally does not have the backing of a flight operations department in the same way that the commercial sector does.

Flight support services provider, Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect also offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for business jets, including a multi-source flight tracking service, in addition to a wide range of aircraft communications options. ARINCDirect, launched in 2003, was the pioneer of exclusive business aircraft support.

gulfstream_g500_completes_flutter_testingGulfstream has announced that the first of their three flight-test G500 aircraft has completed flutter testing, logging more than 320 hours over 50 flights. The longest flight reached five hours, achieved an altitude of 53,000 feet and reached a maximum speed of Mach .999.

Entry into service is expected in 2018, with the FAA and EASA certification process planned for 2017.

Testing will continue with air data system tests, performance, including brakes and handling, flight controls and field testing.

Business aviation providers of passenger communications | Find out more about onboard internetA new communications satellite has been launched by Intelsat this week, the first of its latest EpicNG range. Intelsat 29e has been designed to provide low-cost connectivity for the North American routes for both air and sea and will eventually become part of a seven-strong satellite network.

The satellite will be used to deliver fast passenger communications onboard aircraft, as today’s demands increase for connectivity. Currently, both business and commercial aircraft are able to provide aircraft broadband at increasingly higher speeds and bandwidth, with many employing the Inmarsat satellite network, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect, who provide passenger connectivity exclusively for business jets.

Business passengers are probably the most demanding when it comes to aircraft broadband, as they want and need to continue working onboard as effectively as they can in their ground-based office environments.

gulfstream-stone-flooringGulfstream, one of the world-leading designers and manufacturers of executive aircraft has said that the latest trend for business jet interiors is granite flooring.

While one of the most surprising additions, the sky really is the limit in aircraft design, and natural finishes have been popular for a number of years.

Clients can expect a home-from-home finish, yet not a huge weight increase on their business jets as Gulfstream use a thin, custom-made stone veneer to fit into galleys and bathrooms. The idea was launched at the NBAA show, where Gulfstream showcased its G600 jet.

Stratajet to Expand Business to US | Business Aviation NewsStratajet, who claim they are the ‘world’s only instant online marketplace for private aircraft’, has taken to the U.S. in a bid to break into the American market.

Launched only last year, Stratajet now have more than 500 aircraft on their books in Europe, providing real-time flight pricing for consumers and cutting out the broker system.

Travelling in the company’s Piper Chieftain, Stratajet’s CEO, Jonny Nicol will call on charter operators and FBOs across the U.S. and will participate in the NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers conference in Florida and the Regional Forum at the end of this month.

Nicol wants to spread the word about the service, which in its first booking, saved the customer 40% on the price of a traditional broker-based reservation.

More about Inmarsat aircraft communications for business passengers from ARINCDirect | Other leading providersSatcom Direct has announced the validation of its business aviation passenger communications via Inmarsat services over the latest 5F-1 satellite for Jet ConneX.

Inmarsat Jet ConneX promises to deliver enhanced capabilities for the world’s business aircraft passengers as demands increase for connectivity.

Other providers of Inmarsat services exclusively for business aircraft, such as Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect, look forward to providing their customers with the ability to use personal devices from their seats in the aircraft with superfast speeds comparable to those on the ground.

Nigerian Business Aviation Conference dates change | Business Aviation BlogThe Nigerian Business Aviation Conference (NBAC) hosted in Lagos, has announced a change in schedule. The 2016 NBAC will be held over 17th and 18th March.

NBAC, targeted at current business jet owners, or those intending to purchase an aircraft, aims to raise awareness of the industry in Nigeria – a swiftly-expanding sector in the country.

Attending the conference will be aircraft manufacturers, customs officials and aviation ministry members, and discussions will be held spanning all subjects from industry regulatory measures to the establishment of a firm business aviation industry to adapt to the rising demand for aircraft.

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