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The Republic of the Maldives | Popular tourist destination improves border control systemThe Republic of Maldives, a popular tourist destination, has announced the installation of an upgraded border control system to improve passenger processing standards.

The new systems include a biometric passport registration facility, fingerprint identification system and automatic gates (eGates) to allow passengers to pass through border control at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport using their ePassports to achieve automatic clearance through immigration.

Delivered by Dermalog, a German biometrics company, the new systems are now in operation.

Biometric border control systems are becoming increasingly necessary across the world, when terror threats are at their worst. Other providers of ePassports and fingerprint recognition systems also deliver facial recognition applications to enable another layer of border security.

Other Advanced Border Management Systems ProvidersZurich Airport has made improvements to its border management system with the installation of a new biometric Advanced Border Control System from Secunet AG. The system upgrade has given Zurich Airport an almost automated process for checking passenger documentation and has also increased flexibility for the airport, almost completely replacing the previous infrastructure for border management.

The inclusion of a fingerprint reader ensures Swiss compliance with mandatory regulations (VIS II) and electronic passport readers have streamlined the passenger processing system for the inspection and checking of identification.

The new system offers airport police the opportunity to access real-time information as the Secunet technology serves as a central interface.

“Travellers and border control staff now have access to the most state-of-the-art border control system in Europe,” said Dr. Rainer Baumgart, chairman of the board at Secunet AG. “The highly modular Secunet biomiddle solution and the new user interface, developed in partnership with the Zurich Cantonal Police, have set new standards in border control technology.”

Airport workstations have been connected to Swiss Police databases as a major part of the infrastructure upgrade process.

As airport traffic increases exponentially each year by an average of 5%, the need for streamlined automated border control processes also increases if ground delays are to be minimised and operational productivity at a high level.

Automated border control technology providers are under increasing pressure to maintain high levels of security across borders all over the world.