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Providers of ABMS for Improved Borders SecurityBorder Crossing Information (BCI) is to be updated by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency to include biometric data as a part of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) initiative to improve the quality of information and in an ‘ongoing effort to better reflect the categories of records in its collection of information,’ it was announced last week.

Included in the latest collections will be digital fingerprinting, iris scans, photographs of faces and distinguishing marks – scars, tattoos – and palm prints. Advance Passenger Information will also be used in association with the database to ensure an accurate representation of identification at the borders.

Although still much debated amongst privacy advocates, biometric information is being collected around the world in a bid to improve border and ultimately national, security during a time of heightened terror attack.

Providers of border security management systems are consistently using the latest technologies to deliver reliable, secure transmission of all biometric data.

Biometric eBorders Solutions ProvidersLast week saw a deal signed with French biometric security firm, Morpho (Safran) and the UAE for a range of biometric eBorders technology solutions to be installed in the Emirates’ biggest international airports.

The first installations will take place at Abu Dhabi airport this year, followed by four other airports to create a fully integrated multi-biometric border control system across the UAE.

There will be 96 e-Gates and 94 e-Counters, which will help to expedite passenger processing with the inclusion of touchless fingerprinting, iris and facial recognition systems.

Biometric eBorders technology is a fast-paced industry, embracing enhancements and developing more efficient and effective ways to manage a growing passenger throughput. The need for solutions to manage international borders efficiently, yet maintain security is critical. As threats to national security increase all over the world, the pressure upon governments and border security agencies also intensifies.

Governments and agencies must be able to screen passenger information swiftly and data such as Advance Passenger Information must be transmitted securely. eBorders systems are able to handle critical aviation messaging in addition to the physical screening of passengers in airports.

Biometric eBorders solutions could be the answer to streamlining the entire border management system and must eventually be integrated on a global scale.